Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile only practice?
General Questions
A mobile only practice cannot have fixed sites and does not own, rent or lease the sites where ultrasounds are performed and interpreted;
A mobile unit is an ultrasound machine that is transported to the facility where scans are performed;
All units must be part of a single legal entity;
There must be 1 physician director of ultrasound overseeing al mobile units;
The interpreting physician(s) must be employed or contracted by the mobile only practice;
The same policies, protocols, and diagnostic criteria must be followed at all visited locations;
All ultrasound equipment must receive regular preventative maintenance;
Certificates will only be issued per machine.
The fee structure for ultrasound accreditation is based on the number of ultrasound units in the mobile only practice, not on the number of sites visited or the number of vehicles that transport these ultrasound units.

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